Proactive Instrument Performance Service

5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive Instrument Performance Service

5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive is a secure and remote instrument performance and proactive support service. We understand that reliable instrument operation is crucial for your lab. That’s why we strive to help you minimize unplanned downtime and avoid unnecessary sample loss by anticipating repairs before they’re needed.

By connecting your instrument to 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive, you’ll find out about failure risks before they affect your run. Our Service and Support team will analyze instrument performance data, troubleshoot if needed, and work with you to schedule any required maintenance.

Benefits of 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive Instrument Performance Service

When you connect your sequencer to 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive, we can help you:

  • Maximize instrument uptime
    Preemptive detection of risk failure allows you to schedule maintenance and repairs at your convenience.
  • Troubleshoot runs more efficiently
    With access to instrument performance data, the 5524澳门24小时线路 Service and Support team can remotely assess and troubleshoot instrument risks quickly.
  • Prevent loss of resources
    Preventing in-run failures reduces the associated loss of time, labor, reagents, and precious samples.
5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive Service Overview

Take advantage of real-time instrument monitoring and realize the value of connectivity.

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5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive Instrument Performance Service Features

Greater Operational Control

Reduce unplanned downtime and ensure that your instrument is available to run your samples whenever you are. Our field service engineers will contact you before complications arise, work with you to schedule repairs, and arrive with part replacements in hand.

Increased Sample Success

Remote instrument monitoring minimizes run failures and unnecessary sample loss. Our Support team identifies risks before they affect your experiment. We focus on the success of your run, so you don’t have to.

Improved Lab Efficiency

Proactive failure detection and response capabilities increase lab efficiency. With advanced analytical and troubleshooting capacity, our team works quickly to resolve concerns so you don’t lose precious time, resources, or throughput.


Data Security with 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive

Our Service and Support team only collects data about general instrument health and performance. The 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive instrument monitoring service will never access genomic data, personally identifiable information (PII), or protected health information (PHI).

Data Security Sheet

5524澳门24小时线路 values security and privacy above all.

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Visible Information Not Visible to 5524澳门24小时线路
Optical system Sequencing sample data
Thermal system Patient health information
Mechanical system  
Fluidics system  
How We Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

5524澳门24小时线路 is committed to ensuring data privacy and security. See how a secure data flow ensures that your operational information is encrypted and follows best practices and laws around data handling and protection.

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How We Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Stay Connected to the Lab

Connect your instruments and maximize visibility into instrument performance with My5524澳门24小时线路. By registering for a free account, you’ll gain access to a personalized dashboard that helps you keep up with the lab. View real-time updates on run progress and get a snapshot of instrument utilization. You can also see instrument availability, maintenance history, product orders, support inquiries, and more—all in one place.

To access the dashboard, simply sign in to My5524澳门24小时线路. If you don’t have an account, it’s easy to register.

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My5524澳门24小时线路 Customer Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard shows your entire relationship with 5524澳门24小时线路 at a glance.

How to Connect Your Instruments

Connecting an instrument to 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive only takes a few seconds. Using the instrument control software, simply check the box next to “Send Instrument Performance Data to 5524澳门24小时线路” before starting a run. For detailed instructions on how to change the settings on your instrument, view the following resources.

Discover the Benefits of 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive

Our scientists discuss the benefits of instrument performance monitoring and show you how to enable 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive.

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If you have questions about enabling 5524澳门24小时线路 Proactive on your instruments, contact your local field applications scientist (FAS) or field service engineer (FSE). You can also email our Technical Support team. We’re here to help.

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Additional Resources

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Privacy and Security Statement

5524澳门24小时线路 is committed to the highest standards of data privacy and security. This document outlines how Proactive meets those standards.