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Sequencing Services

We offer access to fast, high-quality, sample-to-data next-generation sequencing (NGS) services such as RNA and whole-genome sequencing services. By partnering with certified sequencing service providers and offering additional options such as consulting services to help you with your sequencing workflow, 5524澳门24小时线路 strives to provide exceptional customer support.

5524澳门24小时线路 Sequencing Services - The Customer Experience
The Customer Experience

Experience Genetic Energy with 5524澳门24小时线路 services. See how expert service project managers, scientists, and lab staff deliver high-quality data and support you throughout your project.

The GLOBAL clinical study used 5524澳门24小时线路 NGS services to develop a panomics-based drug discovery approach. Learn why Szilard Voros, MD chose 5524澳门24小时线路 and why he says accurate whole-genome sequencing provides significant incremental value over genotyping and whole-exome sequencing.

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Benefits of Sequencing Services

We help connect scientists with labs that provide a broad range of specialized NGS research services, from RNA-Seq to metagenomics, whole-genome sequencing services, and more. These labs demonstrate compliance with the high standard of 5524澳门24小时线路 technology, offering you peace of mind and confidence in the sequencing service provider you choose to support your projects.

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DNA helix and microscope

We offer services to help labs implement and scale NGS quickly and easily. Whether you are new to 5524澳门24小时线路 sequencing or would like help implementing high-throughput production-scale sequencing, our highly experienced and dedicated global service network is here to help.

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Consulting Services
Low-Cost Sequencing System

Looking to bring NGS into your lab? The iSeq 100 System is our most affordable system, designed for everyday sequencing research applications.

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iSeq 100 System

Learn about clinical sequencing services provided by our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory.

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Introduction to NGS

Discover the broad range of experiments you can perform with next-generation sequencing, and find out how 5524澳门24小时线路 NGS works.

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Work with expert 5524澳门24小时线路 instructors to get hands-on NGS training or find online courses to fit your schedule.

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Whole-Genome Sequencing

This method delivers a comprehensive, high-resolution, base-by-base view of the entire genome.

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